MB11 BERAphone®

Screening within a few seconds

The MAICO MB 11 BERAphone® offers a fast automatic ABR screening test for newborns and young children.

The measurement is very easy using the patented BERAphone® technology. The BERAphone® is simply placed onto the baby’s head, after just some application of electrode gel. Within a few seconds you will get the information if the baby is hearing well. In case a response at 35 dBnHL is detected and verified, the test result is PASS.

When performing AABR measurements − in contrary to OAE measurements − you also get information about possible hearing defects located behind the inner ear, such as auditory neuropathy (AN).

The patented ce-chirp™

Stimulates all regions of the cochlea at the same time and thus generates much higher responses and consequently faster results than a standard click. This leads to very reliable results under normal nursery conditions.

Automatic impedance check

Preferably, EEG measurements require as good a conduction as possible between the patient’s skin and the electrode. The integrated automatic impedance check displays impedance testing conditions.

Integrated tracking and data transfer

The software allows the user to export patient and test data for documentation and tracking.

Maico beraphone®

The patented BERAphone® includes the reusable electrodes for EEG recording and speaker for acoustic stimulus presentation in one unit.

No disposable costs – highly cost effective

As the stainless steel electrodes are integrated in the BERAphone® no application of disposable electrodes is necessary. Thus no disposable costs arise and the measurement is highly cost-effective.

MAICO MB 11 BERAphone®