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How we add value to your services

Hearing Screening Associates simply adds additional expertise to your hospital department providing either products or as much or as little help as needed.

If you choose our full service screening, our dedicated screening technicians are on-site every day to test the infants before they are discharged from the hospital. We ensure that all our screening technicians are continuously trained to do the job in a highly professional manner. Our services we provide include:

  • A dedicated, licensed audiologist responsible for the Newborn Hearing Screening program, including all testing in your hospital to tneusre that it always lives up to high standards and regulations.
  • A designated lead screener to coordinate the daily screening operations at your hospital.
  • All the testing equipment, which we keep fully functional and working at the highest standards.

We ensure that all parents have the option to have their babies tetsed before leaving the hospital.

Reporting keeps you in the loop

All test data is collected and stored and can easily be exported to Hi-Track, OZ, or other state systems. Data includes pass and refer rates, tracking of referred infants, and follow-up on unscreened infants. All data is fully traceable to the specific screener and equipment used. The data management helps you with transparency and overview of the newborn screening process in your facility.