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Our Services

We are the Newborn Hearing Screening Experts. Our Mission is to screen babies born with potential hearing loss. We do this by having the best trained people, best technology available as well as advanced and detailed data collection. Once we have identified the babies with potential hearing loss we ensure they are referred for further help as needed.

We want you to experience Newborn Hearing Screening made EASY with us. Either by offering you state-of-the- art equipment from MAICO or by providing the complete screening program, from people to equipment, supplies, and procedures.


MAICO MB11 BERAphone® The modern way The MAICO MB 11 BERAphone® offers a fast, automated ABR screening test for newborns  without placing sticky electrodes on the baby’s skin. The measurement is very easy using the patented BERAphone® technology. The BERAphone® is simply held over the baby’s ear and within seconds the MB 11 will provide […]