About us

Hearing Screening Associates is a full-service company that offers an all-inclusive service for screening the hearing of newborn infants. The concept covers everything from personnel and testing to equipment to reporting and billing.

You can depend on Hearing Screening Associates
We are dedicated Newborn Hearing Screening specialists, and we are owned by one of the biggest hearing health care companies in the world, which has been in the business since 1923.

A service that is free of charge to you
Hearing Screening Associates collects insurance information and bills private insurance companies, Medicaid, or parents who pay directly. We cover the costs for supplies, staff, travel expenses and other related costs. We also deliver the testing equipment and keep it up to date. If you want to own the testing equipment, it’s possible to buy it directly from us at reasonable prices.

How outsourcing benefits you:

  • No investment in equipment
  • No money spent on supplies
  • No need for training new and existing staff
  • Access to experts
  • Always staffed
  • No additional cost
  • Testing done by experts and always performed with the newest equipment

Ensures Full compliance with state regulation at all times!