The modern way

The MAICO MB 11 BERAphone® offers a fast, automated ABR screening test for newborns  without placing sticky electrodes on the baby’s skin. The measurement is very easy using the patented BERAphone® technology. The BERAphone® is simply held over the baby’s ear and within seconds the MB 11 will provide you with the screening results. When a response at 35 dBnHL is detected and verified, the test result is PASS. The technology is an automated ABR, which compared to OAE measurements – obtains additional information about hearing losses like auditory neuropathy (AN). Together, this helps us to identify all babies with hearing loss.

With the MAICO MB 11 you perform an automated ABR test as fast as OAE. By using the BERAphone® you will be eliminating your cost of disposables and achieve significant monetary and time savings on your newborn hearing screening program.

MAICO MB 11 Classic


The classic way

The MAICO MB 11 Classic is a traditional solution for simultaneous binaural hearing screening. It offers fast and automatic ABR-screening and gives reliable results within seconds. State-of-the-art automated ABR detection algorithm provides “PASS” or “REFER” results.All data is automatically captured and stored in the MB 11 database.

The MAICO MB 11 Classic uses your choise of Eartips, Infant EarCupsTM and a variety of electrode options. These disposables are all significantly cheaper than disposables used with competitor’s products, giving you significant savings on the newborn hearing screening monthly spending.

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The Newborn Hearing Screening Cart



The Newborn Hearing Screening Cart brings all the components together in one system: cords, printer, sanitary wipes, keyboard and computer. The hospital grade cart is easy to clean and the computer is securely key-locked to the cart.

The complete system operates from the built-in battery power supply, so you are independent of wall outlets and can do all screening exactly where you want.

The cart makes everything available for you right where you need it and when you need it.